Hair transplant Liverpool – Cost, procedure

If you’ve ever wondered how to get a full head of hair similar to those of Liverpool’s own Fab Four, then read on and we will explain to you how to achieve these results.

Although Hair Transplant procedures (FUE Safe System) have become more successful, safe and virtually pain free, there is still the huge cost involved. Especially in countries such as the UK, where these elective procedures are not covered by the NHS, the cost can be prohibitive and keep those looking for hair loss solutions on the sidelines. But there is a solution to this unwelcome predicament and its lies in a quick trip to Budapest Hungary.

With over 200 patients from the UK this past year and many others from various parts of Europe, Hair Palace has become the number one hair clinic in Europe. The reason for this success is simple; cost, quality, care, and comfort. Hair Palace has fine-tuned its clinic to cater to all the needs of medical tourists. As a clinic focusing on international clients, are staff are ready for those who speak English, French, German and other languages.

Why is Hair Palace so affordable?

The simple answer is “cost of living.” Hungary, although a member of the European Union, is much less expensive than most Western European countries which translates into affordable hair transplants. From the cost of the equipment, doctors, rent, staff and other expenses, the clinic can pass these rates through to the clients, while still providing quality care. Even with the cost of a flight, accommodations and all other travel expenses, the cost of a hair transplant in Budapest is at least 60% cheaper than in the UK, and with better results and care.

Does quality suffer?

Quality does not suffer and as matter of fact, when going through Hair Palace, quality and the results are much better than in the rest of Europe. As one of only a few clinics in Europe that are certified to use the FUE Safe System, Hair Palace is using the most advanced hair transplant system in the market. Benefits to the FUE Safe System include, less scaring, quick recovery, less pain, natural looking results with over 80% growth of the transplanted hair.

Nothing is taken for granted and all precautions and care is taken to achieve the highest possible results. We offer consultations in Liverpool which affords the opportunity of having to go to Budapest only once. The consultation will be a review each person’s specific situation and evaluate the best approach to a full head of hair. This can even be done via Skype if there is no other solution.

Contact us via phone or email and start the hair transplant process to a full head of natural looking hair.

Do you want to get back your original hairline and thickness of your hair crown? If so, you have landed on the right page! Our Hair Clinic in Budapest, Hungary has been carrying out hair loss surgery for over 5 years.

Being one of the most popular Hair Clinics in Europe we help over 200 UK male patients a year to get back the original density of their hair and change their lives for ever. We use the latest FUE-2 method to treat bald hair patches.

The results will be excellent. FUE-2 does not leave any scar, the procedure is totally painless and it gives absolutely natural-looking results for just £0.61 / hair strand. We offer free consultation in Birmingham, Sheffield, London, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds and in Dublin, Ireland.

Hair transplant Liverpool UK

We help UK male patients in several ways.

  • We offer a personal consultation in Liverpool with a treatment plan (London, Birmingham and Manchester)
  • We do online consultations if necessary via skype
  • We charge significantly lower price for hair transplants (£0.61 / hair) for more see our packages
  • We give discounts if invoice paid in cash
  • We can do the intervention at weekends too (so that patients do not miss from work).
  • We guarantee that 80% of the hair implanted will start growing within one year of the procedure.

Hair transplant consultation in Liverpool