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During an online consultation for a hair transplant, a patient will have the opportunity to speak with a hair transplant specialist via video call or phone. The consultation typically includes the following steps:

  1. Medical history: The patient will be asked about their medical history, including any previous hair loss treatments they have undergone, any medications they are currently taking, and any underlying medical conditions they may have.
  2. Discussion of hair loss: The patient will discuss their hair loss concerns with the specialist, including the pattern of hair loss, the degree of hair loss, and any other symptoms they may be experiencing.
  3. Scalp examination: The patient will be asked to take photographs of their scalp and send them to the specialist in order to evaluate the condition of the scalp, the density of the hair and the pattern of hair loss.
  4. Treatment options: The specialist will explain the different treatment options available, such as medication, laser therapy, scalp micropigmentation, hair transplants, and PRP therapy, and will recommend the best option for the patient based on their individual needs and expectations.
  5. Evaluation of the patient’s expectations: The specialist will discuss the patient’s expectations for the treatment and the results they hope to achieve.
  6. Cost and schedule: The specialist will provide the patient with an estimate of the cost of the treatment and a schedule for the procedure.
  7. Follow-up: The specialist will schedule follow-up consultations to monitor the patient’s progress and make any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan.

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