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Hair transplant BirminghamAre you looking to get the best price for hair transplant? You have come to the right place! Our Hair Clinic in Budapest, Hungary delivers the job in just 1-2 days at very low rates. You can save as much as 50-60% on local hair transplant cost and you will get the highest standard of hair loss treatment available. Just come and meet us in Birmingham and get a fair hair assessment and a treatment plan from our hair surgeon.

We use the ltest FUE-2 hair implants technology to make that lasting result you are looking for! Whats’s more we provide 18 months of guarantee for the hair implanted and we make sure you get the best possible treatment to regain your self-confidence and the original hairline and thickness of your hair in just 2 days. Long weekends are also possible for your hair restoration at our Hair Clinic – so you do not have to miss a day from work. take the first step and fill in the form below to start your new life!

Low cost hair restoration with a consultation in Birmingham

The UK is certainly not a cheap place for any type of elective cosmetic surgery specifically Hair Transplants. With the cost being so onerous, it can preclude you from having a transplant, and all might seem lost. Fortunately, there is a solution for UK residents, and more specifically residents of the great city of Birmingham. With the cost of Hair Transplants in Budapest, Hungary so affordable, it is no wonder the people of this city are taking the direct flight to Budapest, via Wizz Air, for their hair transplant needs.

Hair Palace the number one hair clinic in Budapest and Europe is one of the only clinics which is certified use the highly advanced FUE Safe System. This system is less expensive, leaves no visible scars, provides more natural results with denser follicles, and can be done in 1 to 2 days.  Just imagine flying to Budapest on a Friday morning and leaving on Monday morning while arriving back to Birmingham with a full head of hair.

With the cost of the transplant including accommodations, all that is need is for the patient to pay for the cost of the plane ticket. All included, the total cost (surgery, accommodations, airfare, meals, etc.) is 50% – 60% cheaper in Budapest. If you don’t believe us, go to the testimonials from former patients who have benefited from their surgery in Budapest.

If you are hesitant and feel this is somewhat a leap of faith, then schedule an appointment at our office in Birmingham for a personal evaluation of your needs and the cost of the Hair Transplant procedure. No need for endless phone calls and questionable tactics, our people are right in downtown Birmingham to answer all your questions and solve your hair loss issues.

Fill in the below form and start the process of obtaining that full head of natural looking hair. We also offer free consultations in Liverpool, London,  Sheffield, Bristol, Manchester, Cardiff and Leeds.

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