Painless hair transplant at affordable prices, without remaining scars!


Why should you choose our hair clinic?

Our clinic offers hair transplant surgery at affordable prices, without compromising in quality. 



Are you frustrated because of your receding hairline or poor density, because of the hair loss you experience?

In every man’s life, there’s a moment when the density of his hair starts to decrease. There is no worse thing than seeing in the mirror that you lose more and more hair every day, and your hairline recedes. You lose your self-confidence and you become more and more critical towards yourself.

You do not have to worry, because a hair surgery can easily solve this problem! Let’s know more about this opportunity you were waiting for a long time… We restore not only your full head of hair, but also your self-confidence!

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Did you know that hair transplantation took a revolutionary turn a few years ago?

Thanks to this developed form of the FUE method that we call FUE Safe System, hair transplant surgery is affordable and accessible to everyone.

Follicular unit extraction - the new hair transplant surgery!

And what can you expect from the surgery? No scars remaining, no pain during the intervention, but dense and natural hair for life!

You just found the only natural and permanent solution to stop hair loss! Contrary to lotions, pills or laser treatments that can only slow down or hide the balding process, hair transplant is the only natural method to regrow your hair.

Hair surgery is a permanent solution; you won’t need any further treatment. HairPalace’s team can offer you a service that exceeds your expectations!

The main goal of our team is to fulfill all your wishes. Our experts, specialized in hair surgery, will do their best to achieve the best natural result.

HairPalace offers an exceptional service! We propose you the best and most effective hair restoration method for interesting prices.


To whom hair transplant is recommended?

Thanks to the more than 10 years of experience our clinic gained on the field of hair restoration, we can offer a permanent solution to athletes, celebrities, but also to students and to representatives of all kind of businesses – especially in the commercial sector –, basically to anyone suffering from baldness. With today’s prices, hair transplantation is accessible for everyone. 

hair transplant cost

Why hundreds of British patients choose our hair clinic in Hungary? Hair transplant at better price!

Our clinic in Hungary is specialized in hair transplantation. If you choose our clinic, you can get the most modern hair restoration technology, the FUE Safe System method, and you also can save thousands of Pounds on the costs of the treatment comparing to the British prices. If we count including the costs of the stay, our British patients can save around 50%, comparing to the prices in the UK.


Why hair transplant is considered as the best solution in the field of hair restoration?

1 – Pain free procedure!

The intervention is done under local anesthesia, thus the patient does not feel any pain during the treatment. 


2 – Hair transplant does not leave any permanent scar on the scalp!

During the intervention, hair follicles (micro-grafts) are harvested from the donor area with a micro-punch having a head you can hardly see, and then implanted to the bald zones.

Thanks to the FUE Safe System method, the final result is natural-looking scalp, full of hair. Moreover, the maximum density is also guaranteed!

Get back the density of your hair in a day.

Thanks to the FUE Safe System method, hairs can be implanted to a place as small as the head of a needle, thus the density may only be limited by the size of your hair follicles and the flexibility of your scalp.

3 – Hairs implanted with the FUE Safe System method will never fall out!

Have you ever seen that someone loses his hair on the back of his head? Probably not! Actually, hairs growing on the back of the head are not sensible to DHT hormones which are responsible for hair loss in most cases. That’s why implanted hairs will stay at their place for life.

4 – Evaluation in the UK

Meet our colleagues personally in the UK! The evaluation takes less than 30 minutes. During this appointment our specialist evaluates your hair and scalp, and then we set you up a personalized treatment plan that meets your expectations to resolve your hair problems.

Evaluation in England for a treatment plan.

Do you want to get back the original density and form of your hair?


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